gta 5 money glitch ps3 after 1 07

A Way To Set up gta 5 money generator glitch ps3 after 1 07
Inside this download (that’s zipped, you should use Win-rar application to unbox) is a .pkg installer with a file named Playstation 3, Place BOTH On to Flash AND Continue on.
Install the .pkg by install packages.

Open this installer package.
Press x on mod menu.
Press X on install.
Exit to XMB.
Enjoy a menu

When you install the menu it installs modded save details to every user from 0-50,
you may need to install the save data onto a user and you will have to install it onto each and every brand new user you make,
otherwise some mods do not work correctly on-line.

Put the file in the download known as PS3 on usb 2 . 0,
put the usb in your gta v ps3,
visit save data utility within the games column,
press x on usb device,
press triangle on the save data then copy,
if it asks you to overwrite choose yes,


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